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Palette Carys aurora powder 四色極光粉

NT$ 320.00 TWD

We launch our new aurora powder  !!! just use 4 colors aurora powder can make the difference

-white gold/pink gold/bronze/reddish brown(2g)

▫️come with the brush
◽️ apply when top gel coat completely dry
▫️ if you use other brand (gel colors) for the base, it will have different result and will not be the same as my color chart!

*The volume appears on each powder type may be different according to its density but all are weighed (2g) the same.




▫️極光白金、極光粉金 : 偏光極光粉,隨著角度不同折射的虹光
▫️復古銅棕、復古紅棕 : 霧面感極光粉
◽️色卡展示的底色是 : 水晶糖光透系列 / T05/T06/T07/T08/T10/
所以大家如果用其他的光療膠打底會有不同的效果 不會和我的色卡一模一樣哦!

*注意 : 因粉末質地不同 極光白金/極光粉金的粉質較細 所以4顆的容量相同各是2g.