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Palette Carys Color Gel / Sparkling Satin Collection cat eye gel/ magnet gel 絲絨緞光貓眼膠系列🧲🪄 E01-E09

NT$ 490.00 TWD

Sparkling Satin Collection cat eye gel/ magnet gel /絲絨緞光貓眼膠系列 🧲🪄

— 4g * 9 colors (5g瓶子/內容量4g) /E01-E09

E01 Evening Haze 輕煙灰荷

E02 Mystic Mauve 燕麥奶茶

E03 Rose Quartz 絲絨玫瑰

E04 Antique Brown 煙草烏木

E05 Rosewood 霧玫瑰木

E06 Midnight 濃夜藍光

E07 Magic Black 菸熅夜砂

E08 Martini Olive 岩草橄欖

E09 Classy Scarlet 微醺緋紅


🇯🇵Made in Japan/生產填充全日製

🧲🪄—Introducing the new Sparkling Satin Collection, now available for purchase! These cat's eye gel colors come in nine dazzling shades. To achieve a unique, decorative effect, apply two layers of the gel and hover your magnet over the nail to activate the particles. *For an even more eye-catching effect, add a third layer of Palette Carys Crystal Collection, which can produce countless different color variations. Don't miss out on this subtle yet sparkling glow that is sure to capture your heart!🥹💛


細膩的絲絨緞光柔和色調 保留基底原始色 磁粉量也適度調整了 達到絲絨晶石的完美亮度 🥺💛薄上2層晶石閃透感就很美 🥹🫰🏻每一色都精心設計適合亞洲女孩的膚色 另外建議和水晶透光系列能互相搭配運用!變化出不同色澤的貓眼效果