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Palette Carys Color Gel / Crystal Collection I 水晶糖透光凝膠系列 🎨 T02-T10

NT$ 420.00 TWD

— Crystal Collection I /水晶糖透光凝膠系列— 4g * 9 colors (5g瓶子/內容量4g) / T02~T10

<色膠顏料添增色素及增強添加Smooth Technology技術 >

T02 peach chiffon 杏桃粉
T03 fairytale pink  透紗裸
T04 always blue 柔和藍
T05 monterey grey 淺暖灰
T06 elegant charcoal 深炭灰
T07 deep forest 野森綠
T08 wild plum 復古梅紅  
T09 earl grey 茶褐棕  
T10 chestnut 仿舊褐棕


<Made in Japan/全日製>

🤎—The newest and finest version!! —
In our second generation, the latest technology is being used in our gel for your smoother painting experience. Lets beautify nail world!! 💅🏻The gels are suitable for blending, painting and single full color all of the colors are inspired from my recent works ! the perfect color for your customer!!!

🤎半透光/半透明凝膠系列 可以呈現像玻璃般的晶透光澤感 可單擦可暈染可漸層/層次堆疊造型,適合日系半透暈染造型,薄擦厚擦皆可 ( 建議一般可上色二至三層)