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Palette Carys Color Gel / Vintage collection 低飽和復古凝膠系列 🎨 001-G03

NT$ 420.00 TWD

— Vintage collection/低飽和復古(唇彩感)系列凝膠 — 4g * 25 colors  (5g的瓶子/內容量4g)

<2021-色膠顏料添增色素及增強添加Smooth Technology技術>


001 linen 淺亞麻
002 latte 拿鐵
003 tan 日曬淺褐
004 sepia 深棕褐
005 mocha 摩卡棕
006 chocolate 巧克力棕
007 old lilac 復古柔紫
008 lilac 丁香紫
009 nude blush 裸豆沙
010 vintage pink 復古裸粉
011 antique plum 復古紫藕
012 autumn brown 唇彩棕紅
013 dusty rose 玫瑰磚紅
014 burgundy 勃根地紅酒
015 pale mint 淡薄荷
016 periwinkle 淡藍紫
017 vintage blue 復古柔藍
018 dusty blue 煙灰藍
019 beluga 深灰鯨
020 olive green 復古橄欖綠
021 mustard 復古芥末黃

T01 milky white 半透奶白
G01 pearl white 絲光珍珠白
G02 glitzy metal 咖啡金箔亮片
G03 glitzy lily 柔粉細緻亮片

<Made in Japan/全日製>

🤎—The newest and finest version!! (2021)—
In our second generation, the latest technology is being used in our gel for your smoother painting experience. Lets beautify nail world!! 💅🏻suitable for blending paint and singel color
all of the colors for my recent works !
find the perfect color inspired for your customer!!!

22個單色 + 3個帶有亮片色系,另外T01是半透奶白色,可使用於大理石紋的打底色,可單擦可漸層可暈染/層次推疊造型, 薄擦厚擦皆可,膠體超級滑順, 初學者也很容易上手的凝膠。也是剛入行或初學者必備25基礎色系!