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Palette Carys flash glitter 晶鑽閃光粉

NT$ 280.00 TWD

Palette carys 晶鑽閃光粉系列- 共三色📸✨
晶鑽銀灰/香檳淺金/太妃古銅 (約3g)
遇到閃光燈或打光 會呈現不同光輝🤩💛
2.也可以與彩色凝膠混合使用 創造晶亮閃光感
加了封層也會有閃光效果 不影響亮度唷!

* 如果要施作不加封層的造型(上層Top),亮粉會較容易掉落


Palette carys flash glitter - 3 colors📸✨
Sliver / Champagne / Toffee (3g)
flash glitter that changes the way it shines depending on the normal lighting or the flash light.🤩💛
Two ways to get a flash nails design :
1. Apply flash glitter on base gel or Non Wipe Top Gel on nails, then sprinkle the flash glitter evenly before curing. Cure them with LED or UV light, then use the dust brush to brush off the excess glitters.
2. Mix the glitter with Mixing Gel on a pallet. You can control how much glitter you want to apply on your design.
* Please note that glitter will be easier to remove when finishing without top gel.
* The image is how it shines under the normal lighting, and the one is when it is exposed to flash light.