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Palette Carys angel glitter 天使光幻彩砂糖亮粉

NT$ 220.00 TWD

 Palette carys天使光幻彩砂糖亮粉



Palette carys Angel glitter- 2 colors
Angel White / Angel Pink
Angel glitter is a fine white diamond/mirror effect.
three ways to get a design :
1. Apply Angel glitter on base gel or Non Wipe Top Gel on nails, then sprinkle the Angel glitter evenly before curing. Cure them with LED or UV light, then use the dust brush to brush off the excess glitters.
2.shine top / matte top effect.
3.Mix the glitter with Mixing Gel on a pallet. You can control how much glitter you want to apply on your design.
* Please note that glitter will be easier to remove when finishing without top gel.

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